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Dec 21, 2012 10:00pm PST
mrs. denton the widow they made her without a penny. how do you know they made mrs. denton a widow, and how do you know they're phonies? i don't know for sure yet, but i'm gonna find out. now wait a minute roy, don't do anything hasty. remember this time the law ain't on your side, and if i find you on the bedford property, i'll have to put you under arrest. maginificent cooking! maginificent, and now my boy because you were kind enough to invite me to partake of this scrumcious feast, i'm gonna do you a favor. my friend, here is a piece of paper that will make you a very rich man, a millionaire. what is it? it's a map, a map that will unfold the treasures of gal conda of eldardo. you follow the instructions and the directions on this map and you will find gold golare. you don't say. that's right. and because you're my friend. well if it ain't pat brady by golly i ain't seen you in a turtle's age. hi ya pete. well as i was saying. oh colonel not now later. well what do you got to say for yourself, patrick? oh not much. just the same. well i'll i see ya later. how about having a nic
Dec 28, 2012 9:00pm PST
let her go. well, it's just that she's such a little girl. - we'll start before daybreak. not this time, little bit. in a year or two, maybe. i brought mrs. kilgore here out from the east. she still hasn't quite been able to get used to it. you see, back east, you wouldn't be wearing pants. you'd learn to curtsy and to embroider, and you'd no more think of letting the sun touch your face than you'd handle the business end of a branding iron. - i'm gonna brand a calf this roundup. - you are, huh? i've got a big outfit here, governor. you've only seen a corner of it. and this is the youngster who someday is gonna be able to run it. i'm raising her to be equal to the job. - did you have to humiliate me before the governor? - go to bed. - i know how bitter you are about me, how disappointed. but why can't we try to make the best of it? - i'm doing that. - are you? staring for hours every evening at a mountain you can't have? bringing up lila the way you do? - will you please go to bed? - reece, you can't make a boy of her. it may be what you wanted. but it's not what we have. - i think
Dec 31, 2012 2:50am EST
to charge claudia, was there enough to convict her? >> you got mr. kuros' admission. >> right. >> and you got mr. hal and mr. hernandez on tape. >> right. >> but you don't have anything proving that claudia harrow set this in motion. >> we have the motive, the contentious divorce proceedings. we have the timing of this. because what happens is the judge finds the child abuse allegations to be false. on april 12, i believe, of 2000, the hit occurs about a month and a week after that, on may 20 of 2000. >> all of that is circumstantial. >> i agree. i agree. >> but soon there was more. prosecutors said the handwriting on the hit note matched claudia harrow's. and when prosecutors compared samples of claudia's letters to garrett with the hit notes, they noticed the misspelling of this word, agora, as in agoura hills at garrett warren's home. in the hit note and in claudia's letters, the word is misspelled the exact same way, augora. claudia insisted she had never given any notes or maps to miguel kuros. >> did you ever give him any type of paperwork? >> not that i can think of, no
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3